About The Life Center Of Galax


Life Center of Galax can treat both chemical dependency and mental health issues.

The History of the Treatment Center

One family’s dream was realized with the opening of the facility’s doors in 1973. A small dedicated staff began treatment, relying on the 12 steps for programming. The first “graduate” is still sober. He speaks sometimes on Sunday nights remembering what we were like, what’s happened, and what we’re like now. As the world changed, so have we. The age of accessible cocaine and crack led to specialized treatment services for those addicted. More changes came in the year 2000, when opiate addiction problems surfaced in Southwest Virginia. In order to offer the most effective treatment for those opiate addictions, the Life Center began offering the Comprehensive Opiate Recovery Program, a unique service which offers several options to the opiate addict. Twelve-step meetings still happen every day. However, treatment is enhanced through therapy groups, medical lectures, family therapy, and reality, experiential and leisure activities. We understand the disease we are treating.

Along with recovering staff and certified addiction counselors, we’ve added Licensed Professional Counselors, MSWs, LCSWs, a Psychiatrist, and other master’s level therapists. We are committed to offering the most comprehensive and highest quality addiction and dual diagnosis services in the region.

Life Center of Galax

Life Center of Galax, Virginia is located in a small secluded town in the lush rolling hills of Virginia. The Life Center is the first facility in Virginia to be specifically licensed and accredited to exclusively treat individuals with chemical dependency problems and our long history of commitment to recovery continues to be our passion.

Clients benefit from an individualized, comprehensive program. The program is provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of highly experienced professionals that includes a psychologist, a Medical Director certified in addiction medicine, Licensed Family Therapist, 24 hour nursing staff, and certified addiction counselors.

At Life Center of Galax, our professionals and specialists focus on one thing – your recovery. You’ll experience a kind, warm-hearted hospitality that can only be found in the South. For many years, Galax has been recognized as a national leader in the field of opiate treatment. You and your family have suffered enough from the devastating disease of addiction – take the first step toward a better tomorrow and enter recovery with us.
Programs are available for both male and female adults.

Licensing and Accreditation

The Life Center is a fully licensed by the state of Virginia and is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Programs and Services

Detox: A Medical Director certified in addiction medicine will complete a physical exam and a thorough evaluation of your medical history. If you require detoxification you will be treated with medications to ensure a safe and comfortable detox.

Residential Treatment: In this phase of treatment you will learn the tools of how to stay clean and sober. You will be introduced to the 12-Step recovery process through individual sessions and recovery-focused process groups. You will participate in a combination of group therapy, individual counseling and education on addiction. Your treatment will concentrate on the behavioral, emotional and spiritual aspects of your addiction problem. The weekend program involves the family and includes educational groups and conjoint family sessions.

Lifelong Aftercare / Alumni Association: When you complete the program you will be given a discharge plan that includes referrals that support your continued recovery. You will also become part of the Alumni Association and have access to social events and an annual reunion. Through the Alumni Association, alumni can stay in touch and form strong support networks that have proven to be extremely effective in supporting each others sobriety.

Specialty programs: Methadone maintenance inpatient for polysubstance abusers.

We look forward to our continued relations with you and your clients.

With Warm Regards,
Life Center Staff