A passionate commitment to recovery for over 40 years

Life Center of Galax offers quality addiction and dual diagnosis treatment for adult men and women. We are known nationwide as an industry leader in the substance abuse field.

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About Us

Our commitment to recovery is our passion.

Why Choose Us

We offer everything you need to get your life back. Begin your recovery with us.


Our evidence based treatment programs focus on addiction as a treatable disease.

Typical Day

Preview a typical day which provides opportunities for growth and discovery.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Life Center of Galax.


Learn more about our admissions process, insurance information and cost.

A Message from our Director

A Message from our Director

"If you remember only one thing after visiting our website, please know that recovery from addiction is possible." Read more

Our Philosophy

The Life Center of Galax is committed to offering comprehensive addiction and dual diagnosis services to men and women who choose to begin their recovery with us. Read more



“While I was at the Life Center of Galax, I was treated with much respect. The entire staff was not only professional but so sweet. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a treatment center to put your life in the hands of the Life Center of Galax.”

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